Pilates was first designed for soldiers who were injured at WWⅠas a rehab plan by Joseph Pilates combining Yoga, Aerobics and many other fitness routines.

In 2008, when I was in NY, many doctors introduced Pilates instructors to the patients for rehabilitation simply as they give medicines. Many New Yorker accessorized themselves with Pilates mats on street and trains. My mother was one of the patient who got introduced Pilates instructor, so that is one of the reason why I got interested in becoming a Pilates instructor myself.

I am often being asked what is the difference between Pilates and Yoga. In my perspective, Pilates is about controlling one’s body with a great concentration and understanding of one’s body and aiming to produce ideal body and energy to move. Therefore, any back pain, shoulder pain, unideal figure or posture could be fixed and reformed by one’s self.

I have studied at a notorious dance school in NY where many pro dancers were studying Pilates to maintain there strength and postures. It’s not an instant exercise I’m offering, but I am sure you will get a great reward physically and mentally while the exercise will be intense for an hour.

It’s been an year and a half since I came back from NY, but I am proud of my self to introduce my class in Japan to you. I get a many compliments from my students that my class made them so energetic and active that they feel their lives are more interesting and fun, and wanting to do more Pilates everyday! Which is the greatest compliment I could get!

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